The History of Bedrock

Barry Baum, a great music lover, founded Bedrock Music in 1988 to provide the community
with a local record store that was an alternative to the large generic chain stores that were
becoming popular at the time.  During the 1990’s, Bedrock became more than a music store,
and earned a reputation as a friendly, relaxed place, where people could post information
about local events and causes, spend hours looking through the racks of new and used records,
tapes, and cds, or just talk music.

In 1996, at the age of 40, Barry succumbed to cancer and his wife Patti Baum took over
as owner of the store.  Patti expanded the services at Bedrock to include special ordering
and hard-to-find music and Bedrock hosted in-store music events by artists Jose Neto
and Michael Franti.

In 2005, Patti sold the store to a local Marin County non-profit, Four Winds West,
a transitional program for at-risk young adults.  Patti passed away in early 2007.

As a vital part of Four Winds West, Bedrock had the opportunity to make a positive
impact on the young adults at Four Winds West by providing vocational training and
experience as a bridge to employment in the community at large.

Bedrock Music and Video still carries a great selection of music and is now renting DVD’s,
with an emphasis on art house, foreign, and independent films.  Bedrock still offers a friendly
atmosphere, personal service, special ordering, and music research for those hard-to-find
artists or songs.

We invite you to come in and check out our great selection!

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